3 Deep Facts About The Universe

It is the biggest thing that we can imagine, It contains everything and everywhere, the past and the future. And best of all, you are a part of it.

Hey deep learners, Salem here. And today you will understand 3 deep facts about our universe.

Number One- It is the same everywhere.

This fact will either be obvious or amazing to you. The laws of physics are the same everywhere. You can take the solar system and throw into many other far away galaxies. And life would run as usual mostly.

When I first learned this, I felt suspicious. How can you verify that? You can never go to these places, so how can you say the rules there are the same here?

Well, It comes down to something I like to call nontrivial verification. Which a fancy word for evidence. Of course, we can’t experience the laws in a different galaxy first hand, but we can look at the light that arrives from those galaxies and analyze it’s structure.

And when you do that, you realize that this light seems to have the same structure as light that is produced by hydrogen and helium and other elements here on earth. And so because of that you can at least say what elements are there and that those elements are interacting with the same laws that we have over here.

Of course this is not absolute proof, but is very very strong evidence. To doubt it, just because it’s not absolute truth is more wrong than saying it is probably a correct interpretation.

Number Two- The elements can be predicted.

This is another truly amazing thing about the big bang theory. The big bang theory says that the universe started in a hot dense state. Everything was very hot and very dense.

Again we face the question: How the hell can anyone know that?

Well, here is my favorite evidence for the big bang. It’s about predicting how much hydrogen is out there and how much helium is out there and so on for the other elements. We’ve already said that you can determine this kind of information from the different light waves that arrive to use from distant parts of the universe. So we can measure that indirectly. \

Then we can study atoms here on earth. We can take a bunch of atoms and smash them together and see what comes out after we do that. Of course in the early universe when everything was hot and dense these sorts of collisions were happening all the time. Now once we understand these nuclear collisions on earth, we can say predict what would happen if everything was in a hot dense state like in the big bang.

The result? Is amazing. What we observe from the light arriving to our telescopes is close to what we would expect from our understanding we developed here on earth. You can’t say that is not awesome!!

Number Three- We were are inflatons.

You are part of the universe. When we talk about the universe, the big bang, stars exploding… That all happened to you!!

Yet we feel different from the universe. And we don’t even understand it. Even though we don’t understand what an inflaton is, it actually filled the universe at one point. At least according to our best theories. So if those theories are correct, we were all once inflatons. Something about that field that exited in the past made you. You were already as potential during the beginning of the universe. Not conscious probably, but still there.

Of course, you might say, “I don’t remember being there, I did not experience it”. The only thing I would say to that smart comment is that you also don’t experience how you brain is understanding me right now. In the same way that were inflatons, we are not neurons, and we understand both of these things relatively little.

Ok, I hope all of that made sense. Stay curious and keep thinking deeply. And I will see you next time!


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