The fact that, even in a global pandemic, people are unable to come together and face the facts about many issues is the kind of thing that can make you lose hope in humanity.

Because of that I think that a plan like this Unity 2020, which I’m not directly affiliated with, might be good for the US and possibly the world.

Check out these links if you want to learn more about it:

Something special happened 500 years ago. Something that forever changed the pocket of the universe that we enhabit. The world around us looks different because of what changed. This thing that happened is called the Scientific Revolution.

This is an extended revolution that lasted, depending on how you count, for…

I remember at the beginning of graduate school, I told my friend jokingly that I’m only taking graduate physics because I want to improve my imagination. I wanted to imagine the interior of the sun with more detail and more rigor.

And I think you can relate, when I say…

This is a question I think often about. The most influential element of our society, something more valuable than gold in generating power is regarded by many as a useless thing that we need to learn from school.

Click on the video to listen to an answer to this very…

My conference presentation about cheating bird parasites

Not all birds build nests, some just crash into other bird’s nest and fool them into raising their own eggs.

Even more interestingly, these birds (parasites) get into evolutionary arms races where the host species are trying to detect the fake eggs and…

You might go through life thinking that you’re just one person in a sea of people, and you might be a person without much power (as far as you can tell) in the world. Therefore you might think that what you do is not that important and meaningful. …

This is obviously something that everyone cares about. If you where a captivating speaker then life will open up to you. You will be able to make a huge difference in the world, good or bad (good is better!).

below is an internal unedited dialogue about the importance of practicing…

Things like this actually happen in the universe!!!

This is an unedited conversation that I had with myself (!!!) about the importance of science. Hope you enjoy reading this

Isn’t studying things like what we should do in life more important than understanding things about the world?

Claim: understanding the details of cosmology or black holes are unimportant…

It is the biggest thing that we can imagine, It contains everything and everywhere, the past and the future. And best of all, you are a part of it.

Hey deep learners, Salem here. And today you will understand 3 deep facts about our universe.

Number One- It is the same everywhere.

It is the holy grail of life. Everybody thinks about it and tries to reach it. And when we reach it, we want to stay there forever.

Hey Deep Learner, this is Salem. And in this post we explore 3 deep facts about happiness.

Number one- We’re Not Sure What It Is.

Happiness is hard to define. Partly…

The Physics Connection

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